What Are Electric Cigarettes?

An Electric cigarette, often called an e-cig is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Models come in various shapes and sizes but the most popular kinds as well as the one in the free trial, look like a regular cigarette.

How Do Electric Cigarettes Work?

The e-cig contains a battery which powers an atomizer that evaporates a liquid nicotine and flavor suspension. This releases water vapor that you inhale and blow out.

Are E-Cigs Really Safe?

You aren’t breathing in any kind of burned substances and instead are inhaling/exhaling simple water vapor. That is definitely easier on the lungs and body.

What Are Refills?

Refills come as cartridges, cartomizers and eJuices. Cartridges connect to an atomizer, cartomizers are cartridges with built in atomizers and eJuice is used to refill all of the above.

What’s In The Cartridge?

Most refills are either cartridges/cartomizers that contain a filler material that holds the ejuice suspension. Cartomizers have this plus the heating element of the atomizer.

What Comes With My Free Electric Cigarette Trial?

You will get a battery, some cartridges and a charger. Everything you need to be using your electric cigarette right away. You will need to charge it for one hour prior to use.

How Long Is This Trial Offer?

You will get your electric cigarette in a couple days and you’ll have two weeks to try it out. When that time is up, you’ll be billed for it so if you decide you don’t like it, simply follow the easy return instructions.

Can I Refill My Cartomizers?

It’s not recommended but yes, you can order ejuice from a supplier and drip the juice into the filler material inside the cartridge. Don’t do this if you plan on returning it as it may be ineligible for return if refilled. If you’re going to keep it, you can find tons of flavors and nicotine strengths.