How To Stop Smoking – Start Using Electronic Cigarettes!

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Smoking is viewed by many to be a disgusting habit but doctors agree it’s one of the hardest habits to break. Nicotine is a very addictive substance and you will have emotional and physical withdrawals should you stop smoking without a plan. Lots of people have tried the patches and gums and they work to an extent but they don’t emulate the act of smoking at all.

An electric cigarette is safe replacement for traditional cigarettes that lets you custom tailor how much nicotine you’re getting after you become familiar with how they work. The free electric cigarette trial gives you the standard amount of nicotine that most smokers are used to. You can lower it later on by ordering less potent refill cartridges.

I’ve tried all kinds of quit smoking methods and the electric cig is really the only one that has ever worked for me. It feels a lot like a normal cigarette and when you inhale, it’s pretty similar to the real thing. That’s something patches, gums and other methods simply can’t compete with.

After switching to an electric cigarette for a week this is what I noticed:

I can smell and taste things a lot more than I could a week ago. Cookies smell and taste amazing and I can definitely tell when the cat box needs changing.

I can smell shampoo on my hair instead of cigarette smoke. I can’t remember the last time I could.

I don’t get winded quite so easily chasing my dog in the yard.

I don’t have any cravings like if I used a different method to reduce smoking.

The electric cigarette comes with a battery, a couple refill cartridges with built in atomizers (cartomizers), and a charger. This is everything you need to get started in the e-cig world and you should be able to get a good feel for how these things work. Keep in mind, one cartomizer is roughly equal to a whole pack of cigarettes so you will want to use it less than you normally would. Instead of the 25 or so puffs you get from a normal cig, take about 5 and set it down.

The amount of money you can save annually by switching from average cigarettes to a high end brand of e-cig equates to about $1400 you’re not wasting on cigarettes. If you order extra parts and e-juices from cheaper sites, you can save even more.

Hearing “free” anything tends to make us think something might be too good to be true and unfortunately this is the case for many “free” items on the Internet. Luckily, some companies maintain a degree of integrity and actually stick to it. With, you will get the e-cig starter pack for free but keep in mind this is a trial offer so you will need to pay attention to the terms before you agree to it. You’ll have a two week period to try it out, show it to friends and family or even your doctor.

You will have to pay the initial shipping costs and this is about $5.00.

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